12.07.2009 - Stocklist

Download our 2009 stocklist here (PDF, 825KB)

28.06.2009 - Shadyah HM filly in UAE

Shadyah HM gave birth to a lovely full sister of our Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha.

16.06.2009 - Scharif El Bataa deceased

Scharif left us today, he died peaceful in his sleep. We miss him so much.

19.04.2009 - Shadyah HM in UAE

Shadyah HM - pregnant by Scharif el Bataa - was sold to UAE. The full sister to Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha will be in UAE.

Photo: Scharif El Bataa (5)

Scharif El Bataa

Photo: Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha (2)

Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha

Shadyah HM (1)

Shadyah HM

22.02.2009 - Manhal Al Hayah, Mayar Al Hayah

Amazing new pictures from our dear friend Nadine Kn├╝mann, La Diva Arabians. Thanks Nadine.

02.01.2009 - Waroussia

Our dearest soul left us today. The kindest Arabian horse one can imagine. Waroussia lost her long fight against cancer.

Photo: Waroussia (2)

15.12.2008 - Scharif El Bataa in Egypt

We are overwhelmed by his sweet disposition. He arrived in Egypt today and is enjoying the mild climate over here.

Photo: Scharif El Bataa (6)

23.11.2008 - Site Facelift

Welcome to our new design at Ain Al Hayah Arabians, we hope you all enjoy it. Heidi Frank inspired us with the lovely drawing from her 2008 calendar. Thank you so much Heidi, for the permission to use it.

23.10.2008 - Scharif El Bataa

Scharif El Bataa for lease at Ain Al Hayah Arabians.

Scharif El Bataa follows his incredibly beautiful daughter Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha to Egypt. A great reproducer will get the chance to prove himself again. We would like to thank Absha Arabians, Germany, Miriam Berger for the trust to share their stallion with us.

Thanks to Miriam Berger for the photographs of Scharif El Bataa and Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha.

Photo: Scharif El Bataa (5)

27.09.2008 - Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha

A new jewel will join our barn.

Great thanks to Absha Arabians, Germany, Miriam Berger for the opportunity to purchase this amazing filly.

Photo: Aya Aliyya Ma'Absha (5)


Congratulations to Mr. Said Abd El Aal, Adam Stud, for an exceptional colt from our stallion Manhal Al Hayah!


We are online! At last.

Our sincere thanks apply to the photographers Carola Toischel, Nicole Sachs, Dr. Nasr Marei and Ward Bemong! Thanks to Sarah Schrader for the inspiration.